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Quest for the Perfect Shave

At first shaving was not a problem, and weak chin line, which is slow growing and facial skin without pubertal zits allowed me to shave once every two weeks with Dad’s classic razor. I only got one piece of advice, and that was to first shave in the direction of hair growth, and then, if necessary, in the opposite direction. After shaving, I used my dad’s aftershave. Of course I soon bought my own equipment and cosmetics. If I recall correctly, the first razor I used, were some cheap plastic razors our uncle had brought to us from the U.S. in a plastic bag. These were Bic razors, I discovered at a later time. 
Over time, the beard grew stronger and denser and it seems to me that it keeps growing stronger even now when I’m 35 years old. I remember I bought a Russian electrical razor that was a real disappointment for me, and after that I’ve developed an aversion to these devices. (To be fair the electric shavers of today are great) After high school came college, and then came the nineties which brought poverty. When I try to remember that time I have considerable blockages in my memory, you know why.